Capturing your pet's essence.

Tan, the man behind the Pet Visuals, established a home-based pet photography studio in Manila with the objective of producing high-quality pet portraits. He turned to photography after quitting his corporate job, capturing images of various subjects in different settings. The concept of taking photos of dogs arose during the 2020 pandemic when outdoor photography was on hiatus due to stay-at-home orders. Tan was motivated by his wife's love for dogs to photograph their Labrador Retriever, which led him to recognize the beauty of dogs when captured with the right lighting.

My goal.

Our beloved pets are seen as part of the family, bringing us immense joy and fulfillment. Unfortunately, they don't live long enough as we do, and even with the best care, the day will eventually come when we have to say goodbye. The best way to keep their memory alive is by capturing their essence in photographs. My goal is to showcase the strong bond between you and your pet through the art of portraiture and create images that hold great significance to you.

Tan and Rhea with Duke