Pet Visuals is a home-based studio located in Las Piñas, Metro Manila, with the goal of creating clean pet portraits. After leaving his corporate job, Tan's passion for photography was his fallback, taking photos of various subjects on different occasions. The idea of photographing dogs occurred during the 2020 pandemic when most people stayed home, and the outdoor photo business was on hiatus for months. While stuck indoors, the love for dogs of Tan's wife inspired him to create a portrait of their Labrador Retriever. It was then that he realized how majestic these species are when photographed under certain lighting conditions.


Our pets are considered family members, bringing so much joy and happiness to our lives. But they don't live long enough as we do. And no matter how good of a life we give them, it's inevitable that the day will come when we need to say goodbye. The only way their memories live on is to create tons of beautiful photos of them. Our purpose is to capture the deep connection between you and your pet through the art of portraiture and create images that mean the world to you.