Pet Product Photography

In the digital marketing, the visual aspect of a website is of utmost importance as it leaves the first impression and sets the tone for subsequent content.

Product photography is a vital component of any e-commerce business. It gives customers a glimpse of what they can expect when they receive their order, can impact their purchasing decisions and provides a way to showcase the product in a unique manner.

In reality, a significant 22% of products returned from online purchases result from the physical product appearing differently from the online depiction. By taking extra precautions, you can ensure that your products look just as good in person as they do on the screen, avoiding such returns.

Dog holding a bag of treats from Paleo Pet

Product images of high quality are crucial for convincing potential customers, but incorporating a pet into the picture can enhance their impact. A pet that is having a positive experience with the product is more appealing and trustworthy than an inanimate object.

Pet Visuals work with other brands and provide photos for marketing campaign, social media content, websites, product packaging and brand posters. I am open to accepting commissions. Thanks to my extensive network of animal models, I am capable of fulfilling almost any desired theme.

For commercial or editorial inquiries, please contact or +63939 590 8549 or click this link to see a sample quote.

Beagle with leather collar from Pawdel
Dog wearing a smart collar from Pawnec
Dog eating kibbles place in Ollie Bowls
Dog enjoying his bed from Bow House
Dog enjoying her Pupsicles
Veterinarian and a dog photoshoot
Dog wearing a smart tag from Pawdel
Dog trainer photoshoot
dog with a charcuterie board
Corgi wearing a blue bandana
Grooming salon studio photos